Halo Infinite and the rules of competitive multiplayer: all the news from 343

The developers of 343 Industries keep their word and publish a video on the competitive multiplayer of Halo Infinite, accompanying it with the inevitable in-depth analysis on the pages of Halo Waypoint that describes in great detail the interventions made to stratify the online gaming experience.

To tell the latest news on Halo Infinite Ranked / Competitive activities are Andrew Witts e Visal Mohanan, respectively Multiplayer Lead and exponent of the Competitive Insight team in support of 343 Industries.

The two representatives of the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary show on video the multiplayer activities of the competitive version of the Arenas, with modifiers activated to calibrate the gameplay, the starting weapons, the equipment allowed and the indicators to be disabled.

  • Starting Weapon: B375
  • Motion Tracker disabled
  • Grenade hitmarker disabled
  • Friendly Fire activated
  • Competitive Modes: Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds e Oddball
  • Weapons, Equipment e Garnet will be placed on static generators, with predetermined respawn points and skill combinations with preset intervals for regeneration

In describing the work carried out by 343’s Multiplayer Team, Witts explains that the American developers have made an effort to offer a competitive experience with gameplay mechanics. “focused on balance and fairness”. Of particular interest are the statements shared by Wilson in describing the cornerstones of the competitive multiplayer of Halo Infinite, as for the concept on “lone wolves that survive, but the pack thrives. Players always feel they can have a big impact on the game through the expression of their individual skills in a sandbox combat context, but only through coordination with the team, a ‘high communication skills and greater responsiveness in seizing the opportunities offered by the matches will be able to achieve the highest number of wins.

Witts also explains how “A match that sees two teams of equal ability face off should always be determined by the tactical decision-making process of the teams, so that the progress of the matches continuously reflects the actions taken by the players. […] Any object or position gained on the field can be taken away while fighting, and this also applies to the advantages related to the positioning in the Arena and the roster of tactics to be implemented in battle “.

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