Halo Infinite Forge: bots and scripts featured on video!

A few days ago, 343 Industries unveiled a long video to present the Forge of Halo Infinite. On this occasion, we were treated to demonstrations of some of the new features of the map editor, and it is today with a new presentation that the studio unveils its baby.

Forge bots and scripts in the spotlight

If the game was able to disappoint some of the players, in particular by its lack of content or the cancellation of the local coop campaign, the Forge is already shaping up to be a success. Available in a roundabout way for a few weeks, it allows the most creative to create already impressive maps and game modes.

The studio today reveals in detail the scripting tools as well as the bots that will be possible to use for the first time in the Forge.

For the first time in Halo, the Forge will have a visual scripting tool and support for bots on user-created maps. Halo Infinite’s new node graph makes scripting more powerful and intuitive than ever. Plus, all-new bot navigation tools make every map in The Forge bot-friendly for testing and playing your favorite creations.

Join the team at 343 Industries for a demonstration of Halo Infinite’s intuitive and powerful scripting tools to create a game mode from scratch and then play it with bots.

This is obviously a major step up for the Forge and we can’t wait to see what players will do with its new tools. We imagine that “horde” type modes could notably see the light of day in the game and it goes without saying that this should allow the title to experience a second wind thanks to the content created by the community.

Remember that the release of the Forge is scheduled for the end of the year.

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