Halo Infinite: mods are already turning vehicles into war machines

The Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta has been available for over a week now, and many players are enjoying the return of the license. Among them, we also find the community of modders which already offers many things, such as playing with normally inaccessible vehicles or even creating some rather devastating combos.

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The Tank Hog is back!

Among the most interesting vehicles, we obviously find the one called Tank Hog. To put it simply, it is a Warthog on which we find the gun of the Scorpion, the emblematic tank of the license.

As much to say it right away, this makes this vehicle a devastating weapon on the battlefield as we can see in the video below of Gamecheat13.

Its author also proposes to discover a video in which he pilots the Covenant Phantom ship.

Take control of the Pelican

Other vehicles that are not normally drivable in game become playable thanks to mods. Among them, we find in particular the Pelican, this vessel which has been used for transporting troops and other drops of vehicles on the battlefield since the beginning of the saga.

It’s this time via the channel RejectedShotgun that we can discover this fully playable Pelican. If this has already been done, especially on the Master Chief Collection, being able to pilot the Pelican always seems to have its small effect and the modder quickly got down to making it playable in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite was released recently and luckily the game is similar enough to previous Halo to be moddable. As the most important starter mod, I set out to create a multiplayer flyable Pelican.

Its author describes a pattern that is very similar in behavior to Halo 4 and 5, but with much more visual detail.

Remember that the Halo Infinite campaign will be released on December 8. It will be available directly in Xbox Game Pass and playable on both Xbox, PC and mobile through Xbox Cloud Gaming. It may have some surprises in store for playable vehicles as well, and we can’t wait to find out.

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