Halo Infinite Multiplayer: how to unlock the Seal viewer for free

To overcome the problems related to the progression of the Beta Multiplayer on Halo Infinite, which has undergone some tweaks just before launch, 343 Industries has decided to give a small gift to all players of the free shooter.

Every week, in fact, the game offers players an exclusive reward that can be obtained only and exclusively by completing each of the weekly challenges, which are generated randomly for each player and can be replaced with the help of a Change Challenge token. The free prize of the first week of Season 1, Heroes of Reach, consisted of the rare yellow visor for the Mark VII armor named after Seal. Since more than half of Week 1 brought the old progression system that so many complained about, the development team has decided to make the reward free for all, whether or not you’ve completed all the old weekly challenges.

So how do you get the rare Sigil viewer? The answer is very simple: just start the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta in the inclusive period between today, November 24, 2021, and next Monday November 29, 2021, or on any day of the second week of Season 1. Know that no message will appear indicating that the object has been unlocked, but you can find it within the customization screen of the Mark VII armor core, in the section relating to the changing the color of the viewer.

Those interested in other free rewards can also complete all the challenges of Week 2 to get the Epic Armor Livery called Willow infusion, so as to change the color of the Spartan’s armor in online matches.

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