Halo Infinite, the Drop Pod update has a date: new customization options and more

343 Industries has provided a launch date for the new update of Halo Infinite, called “Drop Pod”. With this update, players will be able to take advantage of new possibilities of aesthetic customization of their Spartan, but there is no lack of interesting news of another nature.

The Drop Pod update will be available on PC and Xbox consoles starting August 9 and will introduce improvements to the customization options. The cross-core customization of the viewers: This means that fans will be able to use any color they have unlocked on all five cores of the Halo Infinite armor, allowing them to choose from many more variations for customization. They will also be added new helmets and accessory combinations related to them.

In addition, the patch will add new Ranked playlists and Team Doublesand the functionality of matchmaking with selection by region which will be activated in a future update in its final version. Taking advantage of this last novelty it should be possible to reduce the ping of your connection and consequently the general latency of the gameplay. For further information, please refer to the new post published on Halo Waypoint.

Recently the developers of 343 Industries revealed that the Halo Infinite open world has been scaled down from the Microsoft team’s original vision.

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