Halo Infinite: the postponement of co-op and Forge modes, a “very, very difficult” decision

Although Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode was made available in advance via a beta, the developers still have a lot of work to do, both to release the game’s campaign on December 8, but also the co-op and Forge the Year modes. next. In an interview with IGN, Joseph Staten commented on these postponements and how difficult decisions were to make.

Postponements necessary to ensure optimal quality of Halo Infinite

When Halo Infinite was first presented to the public in the summer of 2020, the game was due out a few months later. But public disappointment with the game, especially with its graphics deemed not to be on par with a next-gen game, was followed by a one-year postponement of the campaign.

Phil Spencer returned to this episode last week and lamented the way Xbox communicated around the Halo Infinite Report launch: “We should have been honest with ourselves,” says Phil Spencer, presenting the game like this. . “I don’t like the way we did it. […] I don’t like the fact that we showed the game, that we talked about its launch when the consoles launched. And then within a month, we had pushed him away. “

Joseph Staten then evokes this difficult decision and says to be as much a developer of Halo as a fan of Halo. For him, Halo has always been an experience that has been played with friends, and delaying co-op has been a “very, very difficult” decision. It should be remembered that this former Bungie arrived just after the postponement of the game was announced by the studio. We also learn that it was he who called Bonnie Ross, director of 343 Industries, to offer his help and come back to work on the franchise, and more particularly on the campaign.

With an additional year of development, the 343 Industries studio could now breathe and refine its game like never before. However, the cooperative and Forge modes that are usually available day one will not be released for at least six months.

The simple truth is that the co-op was not ready and we decided to prioritize our efforts in other areas.

He specifies that efforts have been focused on game performance to ensure that Halo Infinite is as stable on a 2013 Xbox One as it is on an Xbox Series X | S or a very powerful PC.

Between releasing the co-op mode at launch or ensuring that the game is in a stable state on all platforms, the choice was obvious when we placed ourselves on the side of the players, “Even if it hurts”, he adds. Halo Infinite’s cooperative mode will not be available until May 2022 and Forge mode will not be available until August 2022. Until then, the developers have planned improvements and adjustments to the multiplayer mode, but the studio’s priority is to grant deserved vacation to its employees.

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