“Hand was shaking so much”: “Bergdoktor” star Ronja Forcher in fear of Giovanni Zarrella

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Before her appearance with Giovanni Zarrella, Ronja Forcher was very nervous. © IMAGO / STAR MEDIA & IMAGO / HOFER

Until now, Ronja Forcher was best known for “Der Bergdoktor”. But recently the actress also started her singing career. Of course, such a big step requires a bit of courage.

On July 15, 2022, Ronja Forcher’s (26) first album “Meine Reise” was released. Because of Corona, the Bergdoktor star was not able to perform live in front of an audience for a long time. Instead, she is now touring through the most important German pop shows and presenting her new songs.

Before appearing on “Giovanni Zarella Show”: Ronja Forcher struggles with nervousness

A pretty exciting affair for the Schlager newcomer. In a video on Studio 3’s Instagram profile, she says: “But I have to admit that I was very nervous standing backstage at the ‘Giovanni Zarrella Show'”. It was particularly bad during the dress rehearsal.

“My hand was shaking so much that I thought I’d drop my mic,” admits the pop singer. A day before the premiere, she made a decision. She just made up her mind not to be nervous anymore.

Ronja Forcher reveals tricks against stage fright

“Is that possible?” asks Ronja’s interview partner doubtfully. “That’s fine! I wasn’t nervous,” confirms Ronja Forcher. She seems to have easily overcome her stage fright with this trick. She was still excited – but positively excited! “I just always do it like this now,” says Forcher happily.

In the ZDF television garden, Ronja Forcher was probably not so well received. “Get on my nerves!” Scolded a fan online, for example. Sources used: Instagram/studio3_rbb

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