Handsome! CSD Colo Colo honors the Copa Libertadores champion women’s team with a tremendous mural at the Monumental Stadium

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This November 25 marks a decade since that day when Colo Colo Femenino became champion of the Copa Libertadores, making history in Chilean and South American soccer.

The image that was portrayed in the Cordillera sector of the Monumental Stadium
© File, ArchiveThe image that was portrayed in the Cordillera sector of the Monumental Stadium

Colo Colo Femenino is celebrating. Although the squad is focused on what will be the commitment it has against Palestine on the following date, During the day of this November 25, live a special day with the celebration of the 10 years of obtaining the Copa Libertadores.

The fact is something unprecedented in our country, is that, the Cacique is not only the only one to have the men’s continental trophy, but also in the women’s. Thus, this situation also stands out in South America, since Popular is one of the few clubs that has the Copa Libertadores in both categories.

The well-deserved tribute to Colo Colo Femenino, Copa Libertadores champion

10 years after the historic event, the Social and Sports Club wanted to honor the champions of America and, at the Monumental Stadium, They held a ceremony where they inaugurated a beautiful mural in their honor in the Cordillera sector.

Edmundo Valladares was present at the activity, who, in his speech, highlighted the importance of the fact in the history of the institution, above all, due to the fight they have had as a club to make women’s football visible and to equalize the field.

Thus, the President, who is ending his functions in the next few days, affirmed that “as we stated to Blanco y Negro the request for the champions of America to have their seats for life in the Monumental Stadium, we also request it with the women’s squad and that is a gesture that is going to materialize today. Because the achievements of the institution must have the same importance, whether of men or women”.

“Winning the Libertadores in 1991 and 2012 is the most important achievement in the history of Colo Colo, so this tribute is from the depths, because we are one of the few institutions that has become the champion of the Copa Libertadores for men and women. For this reason, the applause and gratitude to you is eternal, because you made Colo Colo bigger”, Valladares complemented in the presence of the women’s team and some of the American champions who were able to attend.

Finally, regarding the realization of the mural, he pointed out that “it has to do with generating more identity in all corners of our stadium. Not only to give it more color, but also that the colocolinos and colocolinas that come to our house, soak up the history and tangible and intangible heritage of our institution”.

The mural in honor of Colo Colo champion of the Copa Libertadores Femenina 2012

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