Happy Saturdays humorist suffered a traffic accident, but was unharmed

The comedian was uninjured and the vehicle did not suffer major damage. Photo: social media screenshot.

Julian Madridbetter known as Pirobertasuffered an accident when he and three other companions left from luckyin Arauca, where he had had a presentation on Sunday, September 18, to go to the Arauca airport and take a flight to Bogotá.

“I was going to Arauca to take a flight and we had an accident. Thank God I came out unscathed from anything, as well as all the passengers in the car. The day is rainy and I think the driver lost control of the car when he passed the speed reducer.said the comedian on his Facebook account.

Previously, he had appeared in Cali for the day of love and friendship and then had traveled to Fortul. On his way back to Arauca to take a flight to Bogotá, when he was passing through the village of Santo Domingo, he had an accident and he himself recorded a video for social networks.

“The day is rainy. I think the driver passed the speed bump and lost control of the car,” he explained.

According to what he said, apparently the driver of the vehicle lost control due to a speed reducer, or a lying policeman. He also showed that the truck managed to advance about fifty meters before hitting a fence and ending up in a ditch, on the side of the road. “The route we did was always enough and see how far the car went. It’s quite a few meters, ”she recounted.

He added that several people who were passing through the area stopped to help him, but at the same time some took the opportunity to take pictures when they realized that it was the famous Piroberta. People see me and say: ‘Let’s take advantage of the fact that he had an accident and take a picture’. I’ve already had four″, said. asked a woman “Doesn’t matter if I’m scared?”, and she replied: “No, it doesn’t matter”and then proceeded to take a selfie.

The vehicle did not suffer any damage either, beyond some scratches and a little mud.. “It was more the shock than anything else. Thank God we continue to have humor, but also with a lot of fear. The main thing is that God made sure that nothing serious happened to us. Material things come back and are achieved”explained the comedian.

In addition, he clarified that he was not in a state of intoxication: “More than 20 years ago, I haven’t had a beer. We haven’t even had coffee, but you know how people are with gossip.”said.

He then pointed out that the driver of the vehicle got out without realizing that he had left the keys inside, for which it was necessary to call a locksmith to gain entry. Then a truck pulled the truck out of the pothole it had gotten into. Then, she was able to continue her march, although she had already missed the flight, the humorist said.

“Thank you, Pyrobert. She did not abandon us, she was with us there and missed the flight. That is a friend, he is valued, ”said the driver as well. “We continue to bring humor, but also with a lot of fear. The bottom line is that God made it possible for nothing to happen to us. Material things come back and are achieved”concluded the comedian.

The humorist Jorge William Muñoz Cortés, known as tattoo Muñoz also suffered an accident last week, on September 9, near the municipality of Puerto Lleras, Meta, when he was traveling in a van with his mother. According to the humorist, the vehicle was completely destroyed. Nothing happened to him, and his mother is recovering satisfactorily in a hospital.


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