Hardware practice: purchase advice – the best 4K monitors for gamers

If you want to experience games in their most beautiful form, you can play on 4K.

Is a gaming monitor with 4K resolution worth it? Even if 4K monitors, which are sometimes labeled with the abbreviation “UHD” known from TVs, are not yet mainstream, they are becoming more and more popular. One reason for this is the higher image sharpness, due to the high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. On the other hand, the screens are often larger and the additional space on the display can be used for further image content without losing sharpness.

What are the downsides with 4K? Often, quite expensive gaming screens with 4K resolution cannot be recommended without reservation. For graphically complex games, you need a lot of hardware reserves in order not to have to compromise on frame rate and graphic details. If you don’t want to go below 165 Hz with the refresh rate, you should stick with Full HD and WQHD monitors.

What’s new: We’ve checked the prices of all 4K monitors and updated the links. The Acer Predator XB273K is currently around 150 euros, the Philips 558M1RY even 200 euros cheaper. A new addition is the Samsung S28AG700NU as a price-performance tip, also known as the Samsung Odyssey G70A.

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Price-performance tip: Samsung Odyssey G70A

Samsung’s Odyssey G70A shines with good values ​​and has ambient lighting. The monitor is available from Galaxus for 810 euros. *

With ambient lighting: The 4K version of the Samsung Odyssey G7 runs under the model name S28AG700NU and comes with a screen diagonal of 28 inches. The monitor has two HDMI 2.1 ports, a DisplayPort 1.4 and a USB 3.0 hub with two ports. Except for the HDR mode, which is only in the lower range with HDR 400, the Odyssey G7 has great values. 144 Hz with 1 ms GTG response time and G-Sync compatibility as well as support for FreeSync Premium Pro. The great colors on the IPS panel look even more impressive thanks to the ambient lighting on the back, which can be synchronized with the image content.


  • Fast response times (144 Hz & 1 ms GTG)
  • FreeSync Premium Pro & G-Sync kompatibel
  • Ergonomic settings
  • Ambient lighting can be synchronized with the picture

Buy Samsung G70A from Galaxus *

Price-performance alternative: Gigabyte M28U

The M28U from Gigabyte does not have any additional features, but is affordable and still fast. It costs 860 euros at Saturn. *

Focus on the essentials: In contrast to its relatives with the suffix “Aorus”, the Gigabyte M28U is not crammed with features that not all gamers value. That is good for the price. The 28 inch IPS panel with FreeSync technology masters 144 Hz via DP 1.4 with a very good GTG response time of 1 ms. It also has G-Sync compatibility. There are a few deductions for the mediocre brightness of 300 cd / m² and the HDR support, which is only sufficient for HDR 400.


  • Very good value for money
  • Very fast (144 Hz and 1ms GTG)
  • USB-C connector


  • Only mediocre brightness values
  • HDR 400 only

Buy Gigabyte M28U from Saturn *

Budget recommendation: BenQ EL287U

At just 60 Hz, the BenQ EL287U is not the fastest, but it is definitely one of the cheapest 4K monitors. To be had at Otto for less than 240 euros. *

4K for a small budget: If you are looking for the high 4K resolution and a fast response time of 1ms GTG for as little money as possible, you will find the BenQ EL287U with AMD FreeSync interesting. Competitive gamers or high-speed enthusiasts will not be particularly happy with the 60 Hz. The 28-inch TN panel offers a nice picture, but cannot keep up with other monitors presented here in terms of brightness and only 300 cd / m² and minimal HDR support.


  • Attractively priced
  • Good picture
  • Very good response time (1ms GTG)


  • 60 Hz only
  • Low brightness
  • HDR hardly worth mentioning

Buy BenQ EL287U from Otto *

Budget-Alternative: AOC Gaming U28G2AE

The AOC Gaming U28G2AE offers 4K, 28 inch and IPS panels. It costs only 290 euros at Otto. *

IPS and 4K in cheap: If you don’t want to spend more than 700 euros on a 4K monitor, you have to be satisfied with 60 Hz and lower brightness for the time being. This is also the case with the AOC Gaming U28G2AE with its 300 cd / m² and without HDR. Thanks to the IPS panel, the 28 incher offers beautiful colors and a solid response time of 4 msec GTG. Well worth the money for less than 400 euros.


  • Attractively priced
  • Strongly colored IPS panel
  • Solid response time


  • 60 Hz only
  • Low brightness
  • No HDR

Buy AOC Gaming U28G2AE from Otto *

144-Hz-Monitor mit G-Sync: Acer Predator XB273K

The Acer Predator XB273K is especially convincing with its colors. It currently costs 850 euros on Amazon. *

High color accuracy: Even if the Acer Predator XB273K is primarily a gaming monitor, the color quality of the 27-inch device comes very close to that of the professional sector. The IPS panel has a solid GTG response time of 4 ms, supports with G-Sync up to 144 Hz (without G-Sync only 120 Hz) and is certified with HDR 400. The brightness values ​​of 350 cd / m² (SDR) and 400 cd / m² (HDR) are in the good, medium range. The design is surprisingly subtle for a gaming monitor.


  • High color accuracy
  • Sharp, detailed picture
  • The umbrella provided protects against reflections


  • Minimal HDR suitability
  • Only one connection each for HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.4

Buy Acer Predator XB273K from Amazon *

Rasant unterwegs: Gigabyte Aorus FI32U

The Gigabyte Aorus FI32U is a compromise between contrast and speed. At Cyberport it costs 1085 euros. *

Compromise on speed and contrast: The Gigabyte Aorus FI32U shines with 144 Hz (with FreeSync technology) and a fast response time of 1 ms GTG. And that despite the IPS panel. Unfortunately, the brightness of 350 cd / m² cannot keep up here. The monitor has an HDR mode, but this is negligible and without this the image is even better. If you don’t need HDR and prefer to play fast games, you will be able to make friends with the Aorus FI32U.


  • Schnell (144 Hz & 1 ms GTG)
  • Beautiful colors
  • Good equipment


  • Mediocre brightness
  • HDR negligible

Buy Gigabyte Aorus FI32U at Cyberport *

Monitor with TV level: Philips 558M1RY

The Philips 558M1RY is a real caliber with its 55 inches and delivers a great picture with 120 Hz. At Otto it currently costs only 800 euros. *

Gambling with a distance: The 55-inch monitor 558M1RY from Philips is a bit oversized for the desk. But if you also like to operate your PC from the couch, you will appreciate the monitor with VA panel and integrated, usable soundbar. With a response time of 4 ms GTG, it only plays in the midfield of gaming monitors, but delivers with HDR 1000, very high brightness (SDR: 750 cd / m², HDR: 1200 cd / m²) and a contrast of 4000: 1 nice picture. The Philipps 558M1RY manages 120 Hz via the DisplayPort and supports AMD FreeSync.


  • Very high brightness
  • Good contrast
  • Integrated soundbar


  • Colors may be a bit weak
  • 120 Hz only via DP

Buy Philipps 558M1RY from Otto *

TV level on the desk: Asus ROG Strix XG438QR

The Asus ROG Strix XG438QR is a monster on the desk, but it also looks good there. At Galaxus it costs 1020 euros. *

Lots of space on the screen: With its 43 inches, the Asus ROG Strix XG438QR may be oversized for some desks. But wherever there is space, you will quickly get used to the new space available on the monitor. Big card games like Crusader Kings 3 are great. The built-in VA panel delivers quite good values ​​with 120 Hz, FreeSync 2, 4 ms GTG, HDR 600 and 450 cd / m².


  • Fast (120 Hz and 4 ms GTG)
  • Solid brightness (450 cd / m²)
  • AMD FreeSync 2
  • Lots of screen space


  • Too big for some desks
  • Hardly any ergonomic settings

Buy Asus ROG Strix XG438QR from Galaxus *

Excellent picture: Asus ROG Swift PG32UQX

The Asus ROG Swift PG32UQX is currently one of the best gaming monitors. With Alternate it costs just under 3500 euros.

Premium has its price: The ROG Swift PG32UQX is one of the few gaming monitors that currently offers the best performance in color and HDR. Not least because it skilfully combines the technologies FALD (Full-Array Local Dimming), Quantum Dot and mini-LED lighting. The 32-inch IPS panel offers 144 Hz (with G-Sync Ultimate) and a response rate of 4 ms GTG. The brightness values ​​are in the top range with 500 cd / m² for SDR and 1400 cd / m² for HDR. However, such a great display also has a proud price.


  • Schnell (144 Hz & 4 ms GTG)
  • G-Sync Ultimate
  • Very high brightness
  • HDR 1400

Buy Asus ROG Swift PG32UQX from Alternate *

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This is important when buying a 4K gaming monitor

Appropriate sync technology: FreeSync and G-Sync: Both have the same task, they are supposed to prevent tearing and stuttering. To do this, they synchronize the signal from the graphics card with the refresh rate of the monitor and adapt the refresh rate to the GPU. If the GPU only manages 40 fps in a complex scene, the monitor only shows 40 images. In the next scene, the GPU then manages 70 fps and if the monitor can display that, it now shows 70 images. Owners of an AMD graphics card should use a monitor with FreeSync or the newer FreeSync 2 standard. With an Nvidia GPU, we recommend the often somewhat more expensive G-Sync monitors, or at least monitors with G-Sync compatibility.

To be able to enjoy fast-paced games like F1 2021 in 4K, you have to invest in a fast display.

Pay attention to the reaction time: In monitors, the response time describes the time it takes a pixel to change its state. The shorter this duration, the sharper the image. This makes a difference, especially when it comes to fast movements in games and movies. Particularly slow reaction times can lead to streaks and blurring. Manufacturers occasionally indicate the response time in different values: GTG value (gray-to-gray), BWT (black-to-white) or manufacturer-specific developments such as Acer’s VRB technology. In practice, the GTG value is most comparable. We only recommend monitors with a response time of less than 10 ms GTG.

Different panel technologies: Which panel you ultimately choose depends on the respective requirements. Long VA and TN panels were considered to be the better choice because of the faster response times. In the meantime, however, most of the more colorful IPS panels have clearly caught up. These also often offer a higher viewing angle stability, but the response speed is often a little slower than with the other panels.

Brightness and Contrast: If you usually gamble in a darkened room, you don’t really need high brightness values. These are usually given in “cd / m²” or “nits”. The units can be exchanged 1: 1. When playing in bright rooms, with the sun behind you or generally in daylight, a higher brightness value has a positive effect. It looks similar with the contrast. Even those who value HDR need appropriate brightness values. An HDR mode with only 350 cd / m² is usually not worth mentioning.

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