Harm and Hegseth had to bring a lawyer to Italy

VGTV profiles Morten Hegseth and Vegard Harm have several irons in the fire a day, among other things, they are now launching their own wine series. By taking the first two letters of their first names, they came up with the name “MOVE”, and the series consists of three different types of wine.

– We wanted to make wine because we drink a lot of wine, we were also inspired by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who have a wine empire, Hegseth says when he and Harm visit Good evening Norway.

But when it comes to wine and alcohol, in Norway you can not just put your name on a product, you have to be part of the whole process.

– We have been sitting for a year and tasting and subtracting and seeing.

– Yes, it has been a strange process. We were a little raised in it because we do not know much about wine. We are a little more everyday drinkers in a way, says Harm.

DUO: Harm and Hegseth made the trip to the studio for Good evening Norway.  The entire interview can be seen on TV 2 Play.  Photo: Kristoffer Arnesen

DUO: Harm and Hegseth made the trip to the studio for Good evening Norway. The entire interview can be seen on TV 2 Play. Photo: Kristoffer Arnesen

Went to Italy

On the way to the result they wanted, they tasted 54 different bottles in a blind test. Then they sent their wishes to Italy, and then got back an unfinished rate. After a few more adjustments, the boys themselves traveled down to Italy.

– There we got to taste the final result, says Hegseth.

– It was very fun to go to Italy on a wine trip, then we were sophisticated, says Harm.

But he did not feel that they belonged entirely on the vineyards.

– We tried to pretend, went with such coats and look at us somehow, but I think the Italians thought: “Who are those tall gay people?”, Says Harm.

Watch the entire interview in Good evening Norway on TV 2 Play from kl. 21:00 Thursday night.

Took with lawyer

There are very strict rules around alcohol advertising in Norway, and recently wrote Journalists that VG removed two minutes from the podcast Harm & Hegseth after they talked about their wine.

– It is a bit frustrating because nothing is allowed in Norway, but it is also motivating because when we first make a product, it must be good, Hegseth explains.

Harm says that they brought their own lawyer to Italy to be on the safe side.

– Everything we put out and everything we did down there we had to check with her first, if it was okay. You can somehow not encourage to drink, and there are many small things that we do not have control over at all, so then we had to have a lawyer present, he says.

Struggling to recognize your own wine: – Very uncertain

Dreaming of the audience

In addition to wine, Harm and Hegseth have also relatively recently launched a new talk show on VGTV.

– It was good to finish the Panel. It was fun too, but we needed something new, says Harm.

– We have lovely guests and a good atmosphere, the only thing we lack is the audience. It is a long-term goal, we drive and harass our bosses, says Hegseth.

Looking for an apartment in Oslo

The boys do a lot together professionally, but are not much together in their free time.

– No, but we work all the time, so we see each other all the time. But there is always a work context. I never call Morten and ask what he is going to do this weekend, says Harm, who lives in Stokke on a daily basis.

– I have to live there and work on a farm to pull us down to earth a bit.

He commutes between Stokke and Oslo.

– I lived in Oslo for a while, but then I had a mental breakdown and moved back home. But now I have been to some screenings, and am considering buying an apartment, says Harm, and adds:

– But it is very expensive to buy in Oslo, so I hope the wine sells.

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