Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe’s trick to avoid the paparazzi

Celebrity brings its share of very tacky paparazzi. Faced with this inconvenience, Daniel Radcliffe, the interpreter of Harry Potter at the cinema, reveals one of his tips!

Credit: Warner Bros.

For nearly 10 years, Daniel Radcliffe played Harry Potter in the eponymous film franchise. The opportunity for the actor to make a good place for himself in Hollywood with quite funny motivations. But inevitably, such a success brings its share of disappointments such as the presence of paparazzi ready to capture the slightest moment of private life for remuneration. Faced with these ubiquitous photographers, Daniel Radcliffe has found the perfect trick!

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The same outfit every day in the same place

Harry Potter is lucky enough to have an invisibility cloak that would allow him to escape photographers. This is not the case of his interpreter, Daniel Radcliffe, who had to do with the paparazzi. But the actor develops techniques to avoid them and the one revealed during the Kelly Clarkson Show has something to smile about. One of his tips? Wear the same outfit every day. It is difficult to monetize Daniel Radcliffe’s photographs if the buyer has the impression that they were all taken on the same day. Enough to spoil a day of work for the paparazzi!

I was doing a play in London and every night there were paparazzi outside. I suddenly realized, after being lazy and not changing clothes for a few days, that they weren’t there anymore. I realized it was probably because I had the same outfit on my back and the photographs looked alike. So I thought I was going to keep wearing that. And they never came back because each shot looked like the previous one in front of the same door.

–Daniel Radcliffe

But that’s not all ! Daniel Radcliffe owns a jacket with a reflective surface donated by a friend. Enough to make the photographs of the paparazzi unreadable. Fame is not easy to manage and gossip magazines can quickly make life hellish. Fortunately, the interpreter of Harry Potter has his little tricks.

Source : CinemaBlend

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