Harry Potter: Dobby’s grave threatened, fans are mobilizing

Image 1: Harry Potter: Dobby's grave threatened, fans are mobilizing
The House-elf’s grave doesn’t appeal to everyone – Credit: Warner Bros.

Harry Potter has been a global hit for decades. Not sure that the soufflé will fall back anytime soon in the face of new productions like Hogwarts Legacy in which lethal spells can be used. But fans are also dedicated when it comes to preserving the grave… of a character in the universe. This is the burial place of Dobby, the adorable house-elf whose tragic death still brings tears to the community today. A loving, loyal, and adorable creature murdered by Bellatrix Lestrange.

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A request to preserve Dobby’s grave

On a British beach where Dobby lost his life is his grave formed from stones. An attraction for fans that the locals do not necessarily appreciate. The British National Trust is therefore questioning citizens to know if this burial should disappear or not. Victoria Maclean, who initiated the request, told the BBC: “ I can’t believe a fictional character brings so much love to people “. For the moment, no decision pronounced. The video available above shows us this improvised grave for the house-elf.

It is not the only place to arouse such enthusiasm but provoking the anger of the locals. The houses of Spaced and breaking Bad. In Parks and Recreation, the characters go to Paris and a padlock is placed on the famous Pont Neuf. An object that has since disappeared, although there is no indication that the production left it. Not to mention that the authorities regularly clean

Only time will tell if Dobby’s grave remains in place or if British citizens oppose it. Harry Potter fans are obviously hoping that this attraction does not move from the beach.

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