Harry Potter villain reveals love doldrums over role as Draco Malfoy!

through the Harry Potter films became an actor Tom Felton (34) world famous – but love still didn’t work out.

His villain role as Draco Malfoy was a curse on his love life, he said in an interview with the “Guardians”.

Felton: “I would go around with my hair dyed and play an evil wizard. That wasn’t cool. I didn’t do myself any favors with the girls.”

To this day, many people would mistakenly think he was a particularly popular kid outside of the movies. In fact, he missed school trips and Halloween parties because of the filming.

Felton as Draco Malfoy in the second Harry Potter film The Chamber of Secrets

Felton as Draco Malfoy in the second Harry Potter film The Chamber of SecretsPhoto: picture alliance / United Archives

At least Felton was able to win a heart – that of his adversary Hermione Granger. In the TV special “Return to Hogwarts” released at the beginning of the year, Emma Watson (32) told how she fell in love with Felton.

The Hermione actress: “I came into this room where we had tutoring. The task was to draw a picture of God as we imagine it, and Tom drew a girl with her cap on her skateboard.” That’s when she got caught.

However, there was never a relationship between the two. The two are considered close friends.

Far away from love life, Draco actor Felton also revealed in the interview what he did with his fee: “I bought cars for my brothers, a house for my mother, skateboards and video games for myself.”

House elf Dobby’s burial site may be relocated

There was more news from the Harry Potter universe last week: The film gravesite of the popular house elf Dobby in Wales could be relocated!

Citizens of the country can vote in an online poll until the end of May whether they want “Dobby’s grave” to be removed, the reported BBC.

The picturesque coast is a popular tourist destination and has also attracted numerous Harry Potter fans since the film. However, according to the National Trust Wales, the large rush also causes problems – such as pollution or limited capacity in parking spaces and toilets.

The followers of the house elf have left masses of lovingly inscribed stones with messages for Dobby, though some have socks as well. According to the story, a house-elf can only be relieved of his duty if his master gives him a piece of clothing.

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