Harry Styles helped fan open up about his orientation

Former One Direction singer Harry Styles (28) helped a young fan come out as gay during one of his concerts at Wembley Stadium in London this weekend.

Asked for help

The concert was part of the singer’s Love On Tour tour, and during Sunday’s concert, a fan held up a sign that read: “Help me get out.”

When Styles saw this, he picked up the sign from the person, and an LGBT + flag, and told the person that he was going to announce that he was gay by holding the flag over his head.

Then Styles ran across the stage with the flag raised high, which elicited great cheers from the audience.

– Congratulations, Mattio. You’re a free man, Styles said from the stage.

Not the first time

The artist has shown support for the LGBT + community several times before, and this is not the first time he has helped one of his fans stand out as gay.

In November last year, he helped another fan come out as gay to his mother during a concert in Milwaukee.

The person in question caught the artist’s attention from the stage by holding up a sign that read: “My mother is in section 201. Help me get out?”

– Lisa, she is gay, he shouted from the stage to great cheers from the audience.

That same year, he also helped a fan come out as bisexual during a concert in Connecticut. She also held up a sign that read, “Help me get out.”

In 2018, he did the same thing, when he helped a fan get out to his parents during a concert in California. She held up a poster that read, “I will come out to my parents thanks to you!”

Styles has long supported the LGBTQ community. Among other things, he has donated money to a group that works for LGBTQ students and had rainbow flags at several concerts.

He has also tried to remove the term for “boys ‘and girls’ clothing” in fashion and clothing. Among other things, he has posed with pearl earrings and a blonde Gucci dress.

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