Harsh criticism of the opposition to Cagliardi for the use of inclusive language in Berisso

The councilor of Juntos Berisso and former official of that town, Paul Swarconsidered “a lack of respect” the official act for the Day of the Flag that the mayor developed Fabian Cagliardi, where a speech was given in inclusive language. In this context, she asked “to work with educational plans that guarantee the inclusion and school reintegration of children.”

The episode took place during the pledge allegiance that took place in the Club Almafuerte de Berisso, where the head of District Public Education, Susana Aguirre Ponceused inclusive language during his speech and was booed by several parents and students present.

“I consider that the official’s words are a lack of respect towards a patriotic symbol such as our flag and towards a hero of our country such as Manuel BelgranoSwar said.

In this regard, the councilor stated that “if they really want to include, let us work to design, promote and implement educational policies and programs that guarantee quality education for all our children. The pandemic drove thousands of young people out of the classroom and Today neither the municipality nor the Province are responsible for this deficit, which should be a priority for government management, because without education there is no future.Swar concluded.


During the morning of this Wednesday, the video of a provincial official who was rebuked for the use of inclusive language during an act in which dozens of boys were preparing to swear to the flag, at the Almafuerte Club, was released.

In the place were the mayor of Berisso Fabian Cagliardi and the district head of Public Education, Susana Aguirre Ponce. The controversy broke out when it was the official’s turn to speak, who began to read her speech in inclusive language. Aguirre Ponce was booed and whistled by dozens of people who participated in the act for Flag Day; the event finally continued in the midst of a climate of tension that gradually dissipated.

The repudiation of those present also occurred in the midst of a strong debate about the use or not of inclusive language, fundamentally motivated by the decision of the government of the City of Buenos Aires to prohibit its use in the educational field.


The Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillojoined the debate for the use of inclusive language and in the middle of the speech he gave in commemoration of Flag Day, he called on the Buenos Aires students to “rebel” and speak as they wish: “We don’t like to prohibit. We like that they can express themselves,” he said..

It was this Wednesday as part of their participation in the pledge of allegiance to the flag, which was made by fourth-year students from primary schools from different districts of the Province in Tecnópolis. After the ceremony, the provincial president gave a speech and made reference to the issue that is still latent and added a new chapter with the boos to the official who used it in an act performed in Berisso.

“Belgrano created the flag without anyone ordering it. He did it as an act of rebellion. He earned reproaches and did it despite the fact that many thought that he should not do it at that time“, said the president and added: “From Spain they are not going to explain to us what are the words that we use”.

“I think it is worth thinking about rebellion, which for me is not doing what one is sung for just because and for oneself“, he clarified and continued: “The important rebellions are like those of Belgrano, who decided to create the Flag not for himself, but for everyone. That is the rebellion that matters, the one that is for others, not the one that is for oneself”. “Here in the Province, to rebel is also to speak as one wants and as one wants. Do not swear, but express what you feel“, closed the president during his extensive speech at the Villa Martelli site.

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