Hartz and cordial: 10 deceased participants

Since “Hartz und Herzen” started broadcasting, ten people who were known from the show have died. We will briefly introduce them all to you.

The broadcast “Hartz and warm” shows Germany from a side that is not often seen on television: in the middle of everyday life Hartz IV recipients and people with very little money. Not only that, the show at RTTWO enjoy great popularity, some protagonists is from Viewers have also been helped. The consequences in the so-called Benz barracks in particular repeatedly attract attention. Unfortunately, in the course of the many episodes, people who were seen there more often died. This article does not claim to be complete, but at least shows the candidates who were seen more often and who are unfortunately no longer with us.

Schmidti, Benz barracks

It was 2018 when the then 56-year-old Schmidtias he is of all in the Benz barracks was named, died. He was in prison for a very long time and had a alcohol problem. On the one hand, he planned to go into withdrawal, on the other hand, he was constantly plagued by suicidal thoughts.

After two strokes, Schmidti suffered from severe pain and could only move to a limited extent. He eventually died of his alcohol addiction.

Kowalski, Rostock

RTLTWEI; Montage TV feature film

At the December 2, 2021just a few weeks after the death of Dagmar from Mannheim, RTLZWEI had to announce another death of a “Hartz and heartily” participant: Kowalski from Rostock. “Our deepest sympathy goes to all relatives,” wrote the broadcaster at the time.

At that time, there were major cuts in Kowalski’s life. Of the former sailor from Rostock – big small had to move to a nursing home. The alcoholic had increasing problems coping with everyday life on his own. But he missed his independence.

On social media, fans mourned the Rostock original. “Rest in peace, Kowalski! You were a really cool guy,” it said at the time. Or: “I thought he was really great. A happy nature. Rest in peace”. Another user wrote: “My condolences! My child named a stuffed animal after him because he found him so direct and honest…”

Heiko, Benz barracks

Dagmar, Benz barracks

Peter, Duren

He was only 68 years old. In December 2021 was in an episode “Hartz and warm” clear that of protagonist Peter from Düren is terminally ill with cancer. During the pensioner’s last chemotherapy session, he said he was suffering from an untreatable cancer. “It’s incurable, there’s no use in surgery either. Chemo can only prolong life.” At the end of the episode, while he was still alive, news broke that Peter had died of cancer after filming was completed.

Johann, Benz barracks

Frank, Duisburg

Imago Images/Reichwein

Frank from “Hartz und Herzen” died after being the victim of an act of violence.

in the Aug 2018 became known that the “Hartz and warmly” participants Frank is dead. The unemployed miner collected bottles to make ends meet and has appeared in several episodes of the RTLZWEI documentary. Particularly dramatic: Frank did not die of an illness like Christa and Johann, but was killed. There was a trial in 2019, the accused was acquitted.

Rainer, old camp (Brandenburg)


Rainer (l.) left behind Kathrin and his best friend Totti.

It’s also been a little longer Death of Rainer. In the Brandenburg edition of the social documentary, which Niedergorsdorf was filmed and shown in November 2019, the 53-year-old had moved back to the city with his wife. What he also took away was his alcoholism. It damaged his liver and heart. When he was hospitalized with pneumonia and ended up in intensive care, the doctors couldn’t save him.

Christa, Benz barracks

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