Hartz IV successor: citizen money: These sanctions are there for breaches of duty

There will also be sanctions for citizen income. When benefits are reduced, how high the sanctions are, how long they apply.

There was a long and tough struggle for citizen money, but traffic lights and Union were finally able to agree: the successor to Hartz IV should be available in the new year. A major bone of contention in the negotiations was the sanctions. The traffic light wanted a waiting period of six months without sanctions, the Union was against it.

But what have the parties now agreed on? What sanctions will apply to citizen income? Read the most important info here.

When do recipients of citizen income payments have to expect sanctions?

With Hartz IV there were two broad types of sanctions. First, the violation of obligation to report, for example if an agreed appointment at the job center is not kept. On the other hand, the violation of Duty to cooperate, which entails heavier penalties. The obligation to cooperate is violated by anyone who refuses to take up reasonable work, training or further education. There are also penalties for citizen income if you do not comply with the above obligations. Also read: Citizens’ allowance: Who is entitled to the Hartz 4 successor?

Costs for accomodation and heating. The traffic light originally planned to suspend the sanctions for six months, but the Union was against it. Therefore, recipients must now fulfill their obligations from day one in order not to be punished.

Citizens’ allowance: How high are the sanctions?

In the event of a first breach of duty, the benefits will be ten percent lowered. If another injury follows within a year, it is 20 percenteven if it is violated again 30 percent. The cuts are thus lower than in the previous Hartz IV system.

And: More than 30 percent may not be deleted by recipients. According to a judgment of Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, power reductions of more than 30 percent are not permitted. Also interesting: Hartz 4 & citizen money: money as a Christmas present – ​​these rules apply

How long will the sanctions last?

As with the amount of the sanctions, there is also a length of time graduation. A cut of 10 percent lasts a month, 20 percent takes two months, and 30 percent takes three months.

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