Hartz IV successor: more parity: “citizen’s income keeps those affected in poverty”

The new citizen money is coming. However, the Parity Welfare Association criticizes the amount of the Hartz IV successor as far too low.

Before the final vote on citizen income, the general manager of the parity welfare association, Ulrich Schneider, criticized the new rule sets as insufficient. “The increase in the standard rate by 52 euros is just compensation for the inflation-related loss of purchasing power over the past year,” Schneider told our editorial team. “So it doesn’t really represent an improvement for people.”

Schneider spoke for one significant increase of payments. “According to our calculations, the standard rate would have to be raised to 725 euros instead of 501 in order to actually ensure people’s social subsistence level,” said the association’s general manager. “Even the so-called citizen money keeps those affected in poverty.” Also read: Citizens’ benefit: These sanctions are there for breaches of duty

Citizens’ benefit is to replace Hartz IV on January 1st

The Bundestag and Bundesrat will finally vote on citizen income on Friday. This means that the new social benefit can replace the previous Hartz IV system on January 1st.

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