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In Denmark, it recently happened that after mortgaging bottles and cans, you can get the money directly into your account, you only need to register on an app.

In Norway, which likes to call itself world champions in panting, this solution is not in place. But Tomra, which produces the pawnshops in Norwegian shops, has a solution ready.

– We have a solution that allows you to digitize the mortgage label. This has been rolled out in some countries already, and in Norway it is also quite possible to do it now, says sales manager in Tomra, Trygve Jacobsen, to TV 2.

Throws the ball on to the shops

It is now up to the retail chains to decide if they want to install the solution on their pawnshops. The machines must be from 2013 or newer, writes The grocery storewho first mentioned the case.

– In Norway, it is the chains that must decide whether they want to activate this. It is technically available, and then they get to consider whether they want it. We think that the solution will then be included as part of the chains’ own apps, such as the Æ and Coop app, says Jacobsen.

Now he throws the ball to Coop, NorgesGruppen and Rema 1000.

– We are ready from our side, and then it is up to our customers to see what fits.

After more and more stores have received the new R1 deposit machine, which you can pour empty goods into and get the machine to count up, the deposit queues show that many people prefer that solution to the old one.

Here you can see which stores who has received the R1 pawn machine.

The sales manager in Tomra says that it can actually be the case that you empty the deposit in the machine, close the door and go shopping, while the deposit tag is then registered in the app when the counting is complete.

– But just as much, the new solution is a part of cutting out the unnecessary in pushing out large amounts of pawns, ie paper, from the machines. And also maybe be able to phase out the printer in the machine.

– And then it becomes a security for the customer. Because then it does not matter if you have forgotten or lost the pawn.

– Will consider entering in Æ

TV 2 has asked the three largest grocery chains if they have plans to use the digitized pawnbroker solution in their stores. All are positive.

– We are always open to new, good solutions to make the shopping experience easier. So this is exciting news, and definitely something we will consider putting in Æ, says head of digital customer experiences in Rema 1000, Øistein Burøy Olsen.

POSITIVE: Harald Kristiansen, communications manager at Coop.  Photo: John Andreassen

POSITIVE: Harald Kristiansen, communications manager at Coop. Photo: John Andreassen

Harald Kristiansen, communications manager at Coop, is also positive about the solution. He says that digital mortgage labels are probably the next step in panting.

– We think the new technical solution is exciting and definitely something we are considering using in the long run to make the shopping experience even easier for our customers.

Looking at app option

Coop will now see if they can link the solution to their customer app.

– We want to look at the possibility of linking this to the Coop app, so that customers can get a deduction at checkout, or that the money goes directly to the Coop account of the customers. What is important is that this should be easy for the customer and that they should still have freedom of choice, whether they want a mortgage or use a digital solution.

Furthermore, Kristiansen says that panting is important, and that Coop will therefore do what they can to make it as easy as possible.

– It requires some resources to get the solution used, so exactly when this may be available to our customers and how is it a little too early to say anything concrete about, but it is an exciting solution.

NorgesGruppen, which owns Kiwi, Spar and Meny, among others, is also positive, but says it may take some time before the solution is in place in their stores.

– We are positive about all measures that make it easier for our customers, including digital mortgage labels. But it will probably take time before such a solution becomes available in our stores because relatively large and costly changes to the hardware are required. So a change will probably have to come in parallel with a natural replacement rate on the equipment, ie the pawnshops, says communications manager in NorgesGruppen, Kine Søyland.

ALSO POSITIVE: Communications Manager Kine Søyland in Norgesgruppen.  Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB

ALSO POSITIVE: Communications Manager Kine Søyland in Norgesgruppen. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB

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