Has no “1A police certificate”: singer Clueso talks about his experiences with the police

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Clueso live at the STÜBAphilharmonie's anniversary concert for 20 years of Zughafen
Singer Clueso used to have a lot of contact with the police © IMAGO/Michael Kremer

According to his own words, the singer-songwriter Clueso (“Winner”, “Chicago”) used to have unpleasant contact with the police several times.

Hamburg/Erfurt – “Unfortunately I don’t have a 1A police certificate,” he said in the podcast “And what do you do at the weekend?” at “Time Online”. “I was driven home very often.” The 42-year-old, who was born Thomas Hübner in Erfurt, emphasized that he was not always primarily responsible for all the allegations. “Once I was accused of something I hadn’t done. I was skating, I was very conspicuous, had bleached hair.” The door of a drugstore was open “when the kids leaned against it. Then everyone is in, packed their bags and threw the whole junk in a bush. » Months later was on his lunch break Police Car drove up and the officers said he was “prime suspect in a criminal offence, burglary and theft”. He was accused of having pried open a door. He replied: “Do I look like I could pry doors?” (dpa)

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