Having vaccinated half the population against Covid-19 does not guarantee that a fourth wave will not arrive: PAHO

Have already vaccinated against Covid-19, with a complete scheme, half the population does not guarantee that Mexico Don’t face a fourth wave of infections.

Mexico it has made a very important effort to vaccinate its population. Mexico you are already with 50% of the entire population with two doses, it is a vaccination coverage important, but still not enough to guarantee that the country cannot have other outbreaks.

“It is necessary to continue with the vaccination, achieve higher vaccination coverage, protect everyone with the complete scheme, ” said Jarbas Barbosa.

The deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) was clear in the sense that to have protection against the virus SARS-CoV2, causing the respiratory disease called Covid-19It is essential to have the complete vaccination schedule, either one or two doses depending on the brand of biological supplied.

In a press videoconference, he recommended maintaining the measures of public health established globally to contain the spread of disease.

He commented that in countries of Europe, which have already reached vaccination coverage of between 60 and 65%, it has been registered to date that the number of contagion cases is growing again.

“It cannot be assured that the decrease in cases is a sign that the pandemic is over and that vaccination coverage of 40, 50 or 60% is sufficient to never have outbreaks again. We have to keep going vaccinating with a complete scheme and maintaining public health measures and, at the same time, a very important surveillance to quickly identify if there is a change in the trend of the disease in the country, ” suggested the epidemiologist.

Asked whether there are signs of a fourth wave of infections in Mexico, Ciro Ugarte, Director of Emergency at PAHO Health, confirmed that the country has recently observed “a slight upturn in cases and deaths, mainly in non-indigenous people. vaccinated’’.

Even though the number of active cases stabilized at around 18,000 in the last two weeks, he said, it is advisable not to repeat what happened last year when at the same time commercial, social and family activity increased for the holiday season and that led to an increase in cases of contagion of coronavirus and deaths between December 2020 and January 2021.

“At this time it is essential to maintain prevention measures and promote vaccination” he said.

For her part, Carissa Etienne, director of OPS, established that “vaccines work,” that they are “effective” against Covid-19 and that public health measures, such as the use of masks and maintaining healthy social distance, “are key to reducing the spread of virus’’.

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