He attacked his own daughter in the center of La Plata and made her lose a twin pregnancy

A terrible act of violence occurred in the heart of La Plata, where a father attacked his daughter and made her lose her pregnancy. It all started when the protagonists crossed paths at 10 and 40, where the aggressor threatened the young woman and began to beat her with great violence until causing the tragic outcome.

“I knew I was going to find you here, I’m going to kill you and your brother,” was the phrase that the aggressor would have uttered to the victim, before starting the attack with blows. According to witnesses cited by the diary today, The man grabbed the woman by the neck and punched her several times in the face and stomach, until she managed to escape..

The victim finally managed to run away towards 39th and 14th, while her assailant fled and is still being intensely searched for.

Product of the injuries and a strong discomfort, The young woman decided to go to the Los Hornos Early Care Unit (UPA) and there the doctors confirmed the tragic outcome: she had lost the ongoing pregnancy of twins..

Although the investigators are behind the aggressor, so far there are no clues about his whereabouts. The man is wanted by the Justice as a result of several complaints against him, to which he has now added a new one in the framework of a case that was classified as “serious injuries”.

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