He burst out laughing! The remarkable reaction of Jorge Valdivia in full radio broadcast to the prison outside Palacios in the Superclásico

The former Colo Colo midfielder was part of the ADN radio broadcast, where he had a camera 100% dedicated to his comment and the one that captured the moment that ultimately marked the process of the match.

Valdivia could not help laughing at the wasted penalty of the U.
© UNO Agency and Guillermo Salazar.Valdivia could not help laughing at the wasted penalty of the U.

Colo Colo gave another example of his tremendous supremacy in the Superclásicos of Chilean soccer, this time defeating the U in the 192 edition by 3-1 in the duel played at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca for date 20 of the 2022 National Championship.

Despite the good result, the Cacique had a somewhat complicated start to the game when he suffered a penalty against after a handball by Esteban Pavez inside the areaall this with just a couple of player minutes.

Fortunately, the pressure played a trick on the Uruguayan Cristián Palacios, who stood in front of the ball and sent it out through the left post of Brayan Cortés, this when the Cacique goalkeeper was already thrown to the opposite side.

One who especially enjoyed this fatality of the University of Chile was Jorge Valdivia. El Mago debuted as a commentator in a match on ADN Radio and, considering his presence in the studio, had a special camera 100% dedicated to him.

The remarkable thing was the reaction of the one formed in Colo Colo, who he couldn’t hold back his laughter and literally burst out before drawing his first words into action.

“Let’s see, you don’t have to kick it, simple as that. Everything is fine, he assumes responsibility, but the previous classic is going to come to his mind, not only him, but also the fans of the U. The responsibility had to be assumed by another player, not Chorri Palacios”, The Magician stated more measuredly after the wasted blue penalty.

In the end, that move was key to the victory of the Cacique, who knew how to fight the tough game that the U put up with good football and a clarity that was ultimately reflected in the scoreboard.

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