He changes his name to be able to play in Algeria: Kerkhof reveals his secret

He changes his name to be able to play in Algeria: Kerkhof reveals his secret

When the list of Algerian players selected for the double confrontation against the Niger team was announced, the Algerian public announced a new member of the coach’s squad, Djamel Belmadi.

Thus, at the head of the gondola of the Algerian defenders, the name of KΓ©vin Guitoun appeared for the first time in the Algerian team. Confusingly, Greens fans had to find out more about the new Fennecs recruit. Thus, KΓ©vin Guitoun is nothing other than the side of Bastia, KΓ©vin Van Der Kerkhof.

Reflecting on his first call-up with Djamel Belmadi’s team, Kerkhof said, β€œA dream come true. Very happy and proud to be selected with the national team of Algeria. It is a pride to represent the Algerian people. reads on his Twitter account.

In another register, the new side of the Algerian team revealed the details of his change of nationality, “When I did the paperwork to obtain my Algerian passport, the law stipulated that I had to bear the name of the parent. who is of Algerian origin. he told the newspaper l’Γ‰quipe.

The Bastia full-back, a resident of the French Ligue 2, added, “Van Den Kerkhof is my mother’s name, and since my father is Algerian, I had to take his name to get the passport. Now I have both names. Van Den Kerkhof will be used in France, but in Algeria it will be Guitoun,” he explains. Thus, the 27-year-old revealed everything about his name.

Lists of the Algerian team: return on the novelties of Belmadi

For this first meeting of the calendar year of 2023, the Algerian coach, Djamel Belmadi, called on 25 players. Among these 25 players who will have the mission of making a faultless against the Niger team, there are 6 new names.

Indeed, advocating the rejuvenation of the workforce of the Greens, coach Belmadi summoned 6 players whose average age is a good sign. In the defensive league, the Greens will now count on the arrivals of KΓ©vin Van Der Kerkhof, Rayane Ait-Nouri, Jaouan Hadjam and ZinΓ©dine BelaΓ―d.

The latter, and following his honorable performances during CHAN 2022, was selected for the first time in the Algerian team. Hadjam, Ait-Nouri and Kerkhof (Guitoun) will be the new Algerian side and will compete for a place in Belmadi’s 11 between them.

The Algerian attack was reinforced by the arrival of Badrédine Bouanani (18) and Farès Chaibi (20). We can also note the return of young Kadri and porter Alexandre Oukidja.

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