He collided with his motorcycle, chased her and broke the windshield of the car with chain blows in La Plata

A 23-year-old motorcyclist was arrested this Thursday afternoon in the silverafter starring in a road incident that included a chase and a chain attack against a car in the vicinity of the San Juan de Dios hospitalinformed police sources to 0221.com.ar.

According to what was indicated, the young man was reduced by members of the Fifth police station together with the personnel of the Patrol Command after receiving a 911 call from the victim. “I was chasing her for a few blocks, she got out and with a chain she broke all the glass in front of her”recounted an occasional witness.

“The crash was at 56 between diagonal 79 and 4. When the patrol car arrived, there was no one. A few minutes later an emergency came in due to a fight at diagonal 74 and boulevard 81. There we found the young man and the other driver”added police spokesmen to this medium.

After the intervention of the authorities, the person involved was referred to the sectional, where the proceedings began for “damage”.

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