He denounced that a neighbor started the fire that destroyed much of his house

Thursday, August 04, 2022 | 5:36 p.m.

A dense smoke startled a family that was resting in their home at dawn, which was partially affected by a fire that would have been intentional. Due to the fact, the victims denounced a neighbor, the same one who last Sunday would have threatened to burn down her house.

At the scene, the expert from the Police Fire Division certified that the igneous focus began due to the action of fuel.

In any case, despite the result of the technical expertise and the aforementioned prior threat, up to this afternoon the Investigating Court One of Oberá had not issued any arrest warrant.

The event was recorded this morning, around 3, in a two-story property located on 25 de Mayo and Quintana streets, in Villa Lohr.

“This was attempted murder, this woman wanted to kill my family, as she threatened us on Sunday. She said she was going to burn down our house and she complied, but she is still free as if nothing had happened. As if the authorities are looking for one to react,” he claimed. Viviana Meza (37).

The victim pointed to her neighbor Gabriela E., who lives a few meters away and is the same person who would have notified the Police about the fire.

In this regard, Meza speculated that “she set fire and then, to cover it up, called the police. What was she doing awake at that time? For us it is very evident that it was her.”

Meza specified that she only arrived at Oberá this afternoon since she had been in Posadas for family reasons since Monday, while at the time of the accident her husband and three minor children were at home, who slept on the upper floor.

The fire would have started at the front window and progressed through the kitchen. She burned a modular with clothes, school supplies, a netbook, a freezer, a refrigerator and the kitchen. It also caused damage to the mezzanine as well.

“Thank God my mother and other relatives who live behind were alerted and together they managed to put out the fire, but it could have been a tragedy,” Meza stressed.

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