He did not give for more: Malaga endures as much as it can and this Tuesday they confirmed the departure of Pablo Guede as DT

Pablo Guede only managed to get a win in six games at the start of the season in Spain’s LaLiga SmartBank at the helm of Málaga.

© Getty ImagesMalaga does not give for more and confirmed the departure of Guede as DT.

Malaga has made a good start in Spanish football during LaLiga SmartBank. The cast commanded by the former coach of colo coloMr Paul Guedecame from a string of bad results that ended up breaking the patience of the leaders who ended up taking a drastic decision.

This Tuesday, the departure of coach Pablo Guede was confirmed by means of a statement, who will not continue in command of the club and that he only managed to compete in six games during this new contest that Spanish football has in the Second division.

“Pablo Guede will not continue as head of the Malaguista squad, after reaching a friendly agreement to end his contract”, they began by emphasizing about it. Along the same lines, they added that “Málaga would like to warmly thank Pablo Guede for his dedication, work, professionalism and commitment to the club”.

The truth is that the Argentine coach only managed to get a win in the six games that have been played in the championship, where he managed to beat Mirandese who is bottom of the tournament, but ended up losing to Burgos, Las Palmas, Albacete, Huesca and Tenerifethe latter last weekend.

Paul Guede He bids farewell to the club with one victory and five defeats in the six games he has played, which left him in penultimate position in the competition with only three points and in relegation positions to the Third division of Spanish football.

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