He did not like it at all: Paula Chaves complained after seeing the gesture of a teacher towards her daughter

From the PASO elections until today, the national government took a large number of measures regarding some issues related to the restrictions that had been decreed by the pandemic. For this reason, many events that the public could not attend were finally able to do so, and this generated all kinds of opinions. Among those who were critical about it appears the name of Paula Chaves, who through his social networks made public his discomfort with a particular situation that he lived with his daughter Olivia’s teacher.

Through her Instagram stories, the host of “Bake Off Argentina” I reflected on the return of people to different places such as soccer fields, recitals or discos. After the educator made a gesture with her daughter, Paula herself was in charge of expressing her position: “Query: I just saw how a teacher makes Oli pull up his chinstrap while outdoors. I saw a field full of people without a chinstrap. Is the chinstrap still protocol outdoors? Beyond what this woman could have thought in which that girl has been wearing a chinstrap for 8 hours and that she was about to leave school, but hey, that’s another matter. “

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