He died after inhaling carbon monoxide in his home in La Favela

SAME staff confirmed the death of Daniel Arias (66) / EL DIA

A 66-year-old man, identified as Daniel Arias, was found dead in his home in the La Favela neighborhood. Official sources informed EL DIA that the subject had pre-existing diseases but he died after inhaling carbon monoxide.

Arias’ body was found inside his home located at 530 between 18 and 19, after 6 pm yesterday. It was after a call to 911 where they warned of a strong smell of gas coming from his home.

The scientific police worked, who inspected the place. SAME doctors also intervened, who confirmed the death of the 66-year-old victim.

As a result of this tragedy, a case was initiated for “investigations of causes of death”, which is being investigated by the prosecutor of UFI No. 17, María Eugenia De Lorenzo.


With low temperatures, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning increases due to the greater use of appliances to heat homes.

The gas is colourless, odourless, and non-irritating, and is easily dispersed in the air, accumulating in poorly ventilated environments, without being noticed by people until they have symptoms. This can cause serious health consequences and even lead to death.

The most important recommendations are to keep the rooms well ventilated regardless of the type of heating used, check that the flame is blue, do not sleep with coal, wood or gas heating devices on and periodically check the heating installations and devices, not heat the home with the oven or burners as they consume more oxygen.

In Argentina it is estimated that there are approximately 200 deaths per year due to CO poisoning.

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