He explodes against his sister for hanging on his fame

Singer Britney Spears has lashed out at her sister Jamie Lynn, accusing her of hanging onto her fame so she can sell more copies of her book ‘Things I Should Have Said’.

Through her Twitter account, the 40-year-old pop princess denied some statements that Jamie gave on the Good Morning America program.

It was on January 13 that Britney’s younger sister spoke of the conflict with the singer and stated that it had nothing to do with guardianship, because at that time she was 17 years old and pregnant, so her priority was her baby. .

However, Britney complained that her sister pointed out that before conservatorship her behavior was erratic, paranoid and spiraling.

My sister said my behavior was out of control. She was never close to me at that time, 15 years ago. Why would I talk about it unless I wanted to sell a book at my expense?” Britney wrote.

Britney also recalled the problem they both had in 2017 because Jamie sang a mix of her sister’s hits at the Radio Disney Music Awards and she didn’t like it.

I know it may sound silly to some people, but I wrote a lot of my songs and my sister was a baby. He never had to work for anything. They always gave her everything”

Lastly, Britney lamented that her family ruined her dreams, in addition to all the injuries they caused her.

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