He fell asleep on the La Plata-Buenos Aires highway, overturned and was miraculously saved

A vehicle with three passengers was on the brink of tragedy this Sunday morning, when The driver lost control and ended up overturning. among the pastures in a sector of the La Plata-Buenos Aires Highway.

The victims were on their way home after finishing their workday, around 9:20 a.m., and when they least expected it you they dodged death miraculouslyalthough they ended up with injuries from the strong impact.

This happened at the entrance to the city of Quilmes, next to the access to Avenida EspaƱa. According to police sources, the motorist would have fallen asleep at the wheel and, in a moment of distraction, ended up diverting the vehicle to the side of the track, being thrown.

The tremendous impact set off the alarms of the authorities, who They sent SAME personnel, Quilmes Volunteer Firefighters and police officers to help the victims of the rollover. Two of them were able to get out on their own, but the rest had to be assisted by rescuers. As indicated, they all ended up in the Iriarte Hospital with polytrauma.

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