He fell when he tried to hide in the Rossi Hospital after stealing a motorcycle

He fell when he tried to hide in the Rossi Hospital after stealing a motorcycle

The moment of arrest

A 40-year-old woman was arrested in the last few hours at a health center in the region accused of stealing a vehicle in a sector of the Hippodrome neighborhood.

According to police sources, the woman was apprehended in the parking lot of Rossi Hospital when she tried to leave the premises.

The operation began after a call to 911 in which the theft of a motorcycle that was parked on the sidewalk of a Chinese supermarket located at 117 and 38 was reported.

Radial vial revealed the data regarding the physical appearance of the suspect and the characteristics of the vehicle.

That action made it possible for a patrol car that was in the vicinity of the hospital to detect the presence of a person with similar physical characteristics and clothing circulating on a motorcycle.

The troops managed to see the moment in which the woman entered the establishment through the parking lot.

Not finding her in that place, a search of the building was immediately started but they could not find the whereabouts of the suspect.

Apparently, the woman already knew that the police were looking for her and, in this context, it is suspected that she carried out a series of distracting maneuvers that allowed her to return to the parking lot without being discovered.

The plan was to get back on the motorcycle and escape, but he did not take into account the security camera installed in the guard.

After detecting her presence through the cameras, agents who were in the entrances approached her to identify her and request the papers of the shot. But the woman could not prove her property and she ended up arrested on the robbery charge.

The Honda brand motorcycle, meanwhile, was kidnapped.

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