He has had a hard time since he left Colo Colo: the complicated moment of Martin Rodríguez’s team in MLS

The former midfielder has not had a good time since he left the Monumental, he went down in Turkey and now his team is in last position in the United States.

Photo: @dcunited
Photo: @dcunited

The name of Martín Rodríguez appears in Colo Colo every time the transfer market opens in Chilean football. After his second stint at Cacique, with an unexpected ending, the footballer left for Turkey to seek new horizons in his career.

However, his experience in European football was not one of the best. Despite being a starter for much of the campaign, his team, Altay, succumbed to the bottom of the standings and ended up relegating.

After his European journey, his name returned to haunt the Monumental, it was a priority for Gustavo Quinteros, but the cranes of American football were more agile and ended up with Tín at DC United, one of the oldest clubs in the American league.

But fortune has not been on the player’s side, once again his experience is not one of the best since his squad is in last position in the MLS and has just lost to Inter Miami.

Although the former Colo Colo has played in 13 games, accumulating 841 minutes of play, his performance has not managed to get his team out of the bottom of the table and he has been replaced in the last three games where he has played as a starter.

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