He is Iker, the boy in red who is going viral on TikTok

Meet Iker the boy in red who has become popular in TikTokthanks to his charisma.

A video of this little boy, dressed in red, who came to greet an image group, went viral on the social network.

Just as it was how his face went around the world, becoming popular on TikTok.

“Iker, the boy in red who conquered the internet”, tells us the description of a publication in the application.

The video in question fue posted by a user identified as @yosoymyldor.

It should be noted that the person who shared the video now he is asking for donations for the little one.

“You can send your donations to Iker as gifts or write on Instagram”, wrote in a message.

The boy became popular thanks to his outgoing personality, becoming the center of everyone’s attention.

In the video we can see how he lives with a group of people and plays a dynamic with them.

Something that also stood out was the naturalization with which he said vprofanity arias.

View history on TikTok

Perhaps it has happened to you that at some point you are watching a video and suddenly you lose it, without knowing how to recover it.

With this new feature, all videos that have ever been played from your account will be viewable.

This way the watch history will be available and this way it will be easier to find all the videos that have ever been seen.

It should be noted that, so far, TikTok is testing this watch history feature.

According to information revealed on Twitter, said history could only be seen within seven days, and although it is a short time, yes it is enough to be able to find some clips that may have been lost.

From when will it be available?

So far, it has not been confirmed when it will be available to all TikTok users, since it is now in the testing phase.

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