He lied about his salary and now he must pay his daughter $3 million for child support

A man, who works in the oil industry, he lied for 10 years about his salary and now the Justice ordered that he pay him retroactively from the year 2012 for a debt in the alimony.

It is an unprecedented ruling that has been talked about for a few days in the province of Neuquén in recent days. The judge Marina Comas sentenced a father to pay $2,886,399.58 to his daughter, as retroactive payment since Although he paid the fee, it was not 20% of his salary as it legally corresponded, so it is a child support debt.

The man’s payment to his daughter, through her mother, was much less than 20% of his salary agreed to before the Court in 2012.

Now, the authorities investigated and the sentence was final, so the man You have five business days to make the child support debt payment effective.

What does the Argentine law say about the food quota

The law in Argentina establishes that both parents are responsible for providing food and covering the basic needs of their children. Even in the event of divorce or separation, the obligation of the parent or guardian who does not live with the minor is to pay the child support fee.

As the rights of children are to obtain what is necessary for living, education, clothing, having a place to live, health, entertainment and to have a trade or profession, these are the legal obligations of parents that are sometimes fulfilled with the payment of an alimony.

These obligations and the amounts to be paid per installment are determined in accordance with the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation (Art. 658 and 659) and the Civil and Commercial Procedure Code of the Nation.

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