He planted olive trees in Gaza and discovered a Byzantine mosaic from 1,500 years ago

Salman Al Nabahin had planted some olive trees on his land in the Bureij refugee camp, in the Gaza Strip. Loop, about 800 meters from the Israeli border. However, he and his son they noticed that some trees hadn’t taken root well, so they started digging up the ground to see what was going on under the surface and found history.

At one point Al Nabahin’s son’s ax hit something hard that felt unfamiliar, they kept digging up dirt and saw that under this area of Loop there were remnants of the Byzantine past of the current Palestinian enclave.

Salman Al Nabahin, next to his find.

“I searched the internet and we found out that it was a mosaic that belonged to the Byzantine era,” said this resident of Loopfather of seven children, and added: “I see it as a treasure, more than a treasure, but it is not personal, it belongs to every Palestinian”.

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