He rammed his car into a pedestrian and fled, but the police arrested him

Friday June 17, 2022 | 6:05 p.m.

A man driving a Peugeot 307 was arrested last night after he was involved in a road accident with a 38-year-old pedestrian, whom he left injured on the asphalt tape.

According to what was recorded by police sources, the incident occurred at the Miguel de G├╝emes roundabout on Paraguay and Doctor Fester avenues in the city of Montecarlo, when for reasons that are being established, the driver, aboard the Peugeot, rammed a pedestrian leaving him with injuries and fled the scene.

Moments later, the Police arrived at the scene and transferred the victim to the local hospital, where he was treated in an emergency at the local hospital, where the doctor diagnosed him with polytrauma, missing teeth and that he was drunk.

The Police set up a lockdown operation to search for the fugitive, when a few moments later, he turned himself in to the guard of the Radioelectric Command Division of that city. Immediately, they delayed him and seized his vehicle, as well as carrying out a breathalyzer test that produced a negative result.

According to the provisions of the intervening Court, the delayed party was notified in the investigation of the case and later regained his freedom. Regarding the pedestrian, he is already out of danger as long as he does not present any complications, added the spokesmen-

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