He refused to pay a quota and extortionists attacked his business in SMP with bullets: “I think they are going to shoot me on the street”

The threats went from words to shots. Two criminals aboard a linear motorcycle attacked the facade of a multi-service store, located in San Martín de Porres, after the owner of this business refused to pay quotas.

A security camera recorded the precise moment of the two-shot attack on the bazaar located in block 2 of Jirón Pocitos. The owners of the business premises said that they have been threatened for a week, reported the news program América Noticias.

We are being victims of extortion and they had sent a message saying: ‘I’m going to send you a little gift’”, said María Hilario, the owner of the business with tears in her eyes.

“On Friday they told my son that they knew all his movements and that they know where he lives and threatened his younger brothers,” added the extortion victim.

Criminals fired shots at business

María said that she left her bazaar to buy lunch for her other minor children, it was at that moment that the shots were fired at her store.

They said we want your collaboration. They haven’t told me the amount, but they want us to deposit them. I think that in the street they are going to shoot me or do something. I need a guarantee for myself and my children”, added the merchant.

The extortion victim said he has been robbed five times. The last time was last year when two thieves stole merchandise valued at more than S/100,000.


Criminal ends up shot after attempted robbery

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