He reported that his ex kidnapped his 4-year-old daughter

Thursday June 23, 2022 | 3:30 a.m.

“For eight months she didn’t see her daughter and she showed up for Father’s Day. She begged me to take her to her grandfather’s house, who lives 50 meters from mine, the girl got excited and so I said yes. But she didn’t bring her anymore, she kidnapped her and took her with him, supposedly to Garupá, ”said Tatiana Viera (36), who has had no news of her 4-year-old girl since last Sunday.

Consequently, the woman filed a complaint with the Los Helechos police station, where she lives, although they would not have provided the support she expected.

In dialogue with El Territorio, he even mentioned that “the policeman who attended me told me that the father did not commit any crime in taking the daughter, since he had a previous complaint for violence, he was absent for eight months and never fulfilled his responsibilities as dad”.

Given the lack of answers at the local police station, on Tuesday Viera moved to the town of Garupá, where the father of his daughter would be residing. Meanwhile, at the local police station they would have told him that the cause is in charge of his peers from Los Helechos, so they cannot intervene.

“I am desperate because the authorities do not give me answers. They pass the ball to each other and meanwhile I don’t know where or how my daughter is, ”she claimed.

She said that on Sunday morning her daughter’s father, identified as Sandro Gabriel F. (25), came to her home to ask if she could take the little girl to spend Father’s Day together, since she was visiting his father in Los Helechos.

“As my daughter was happy to see him, I told him to take her, at 8:30 p.m. they came back and asked me to stay with him, that he would bring her on Monday, which he did not do. From there I did not see her again, ”she added.

serious background

At the beginning of November of last year, Viera denounced the father of her daughter for injuries and threats. The next day, the same individual attacked her again, destroyed part of her wooden house and tried to burn the woman alive, according to what he stated.

The event did not end in tragedy only because of the brave actions of residents of the Compañía neighborhood of Los Helechos, who interceded to save the victim.

“On that occasion, my ex locked me up, beat me to a pulp and wanted to burn me, but he wasn’t even in jail because the lawyer got his release from prison. Afterwards he continued to threaten me on social networks, ”he indicated.

He specified that he was in a relationship with the person involved for six years, who became more violent in the last months of coexistence.

Regarding the incident last November, he recalled that “I was coming back from church and I saw my things lying on the street, and he was waiting for me in front. He didn’t let me in and beat me up. I was able to run to a friend’s house who took me to the Oberá Hospital and on the way back I filed a complaint. That morning he went to my friend’s house and started screaming, so that she and her family wouldn’t have any problems, I agreed to come back. That morning he locked me up and he hit me again.”

“Use drugs”

According to Viera, the next day his ex went to the police station to make a “disclaimer” arguing that he reacted aggressively because he found his wife with another man in bed. In other words, he recognized that he hit his partner.

In this regard, Viera denied the alleged infidelity, while assuring: “At the police station the policemen told him that they had an arrest warrant, but that he should go to work and in the afternoon they would see what they were doing. Crazy. From there he went and wanted to burn down the house. He wanted to throw fuel at me, but I ran. My daughter yelled at him: “Don’t burn him, daddy.” Luckily there were some neighbors who helped me.

He also questioned the behavior of the head of the local police station, who then would have told him: “I’m not going to pay attention to you because you’re a quilombera,” he assured.

And he added: “From there my ex escaped to Garupá and threatened me through the networks. I made the complaint but I don’t even know if they looked for him, until the release from prison came out. I am very scared because more than once he told me not to be surprised if one day my daughter disappeared, which is what has happened now. He uses drugs, he is unpredictable and violent.”

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