He violent and threatens his companion: an Algerian condemned in France

In Europe, violence against women is hardly tolerated, neither by society, and even less by law. It is the culture that Algerians living in France, generally in an irregular situation, have not yet digested.

Indeed, three years in prison including two years with a warrant of committal were pronounced against a 36-year-old man, prosecuted for usual violence against his partner and death threats. This happened in Montpellier following a complaint filed at the police station on November 16.

According to the French media having reported the news item, in this case Midi Libre, the defendant is an Algerian already prosecuted for “thefts in meetings, traffic offenses and, above all, the usual violence against a spouse, in 2015, having earned him fifteen months in prison with a committal warrant ”.

Violence and threats against a Montpellier

The victim who lodged a complaint last November 16 admits to no longer being able to endure “bullying, insults and abuse of all kinds”. According to the same source, the Montpellier aged in their thirties has been struck more than twenty-five times since the start of their relationship.

To support his statements, the victim to present several evidence including text messages and voice messages, proving in addition to the physical violence she suffered, the threats that were made to her. Indeed, the respondent, who is married and father of children, threatened his victim to “distribute his naked photos to his brothers« .

Without denying his facts, he ended up saying, “I’m sorry, I regret what I did. She harassed me over the phone. Every night she would call me until 3 a.m. and challenge me. “

Her counsel explained, “She couldn’t bear to hear that he was married and had children. So she wanted to make him pay by threatening to go and tell his wife to whom he has been married since 2006 ”.

As a result, he was sentenced to three years in prison, two of which were firm with a committal warrant. In addition, there is the obligation of work, care and compensation, as well as a ban on contacting the victim and appearing at his home.

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