He wants to add minutes: They assure that Cristián Zavala maintains his position and asks to leave Colo Colo

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The last weeks in Colo Colo have not been calm at all. It is that, to sports, we must add the request of some players to leave the club. This is the case of Pablo Solari and Cristián Zavala who wants to see more minutes.

© Agency OneCristián Zavala calls for the departure of Colo Colo

The last weeks in Colo Colo have not been calm at all. It is that the lack of reinforcements for the second semester has Gustavo Quinteros impatient who, in addition, has to deal with other problems within the campus.

The case of Pablo Solari is well known. The player asked to leave Colo Colo after the offer from América de México, however, the white team closed the exit doors for him and El Pibe will have to stay, at least, until the end of the season. This event meant the unease of the Argentine player and the coach had to prepare a talk with the trans-Andean to restore his spirits.

But he is not the only player who could leave. Cristián Zavala also has offers from abroad and the player who arrived at the Cacique this semester does not look badly on leaving, especially because of his low participation in the team. Unión de Santa Fe is the cast that came for Zavala, however, Blanco y Negro also gave a negative response.

It is that in the dealership they square with the desire of Gustavo Quinteros to keep the campus intact. The DT has counted the players who have left since he arrived and does not want to lose more men for the second half, taking into account, in addition, how difficult it has been to incorporate new players.

But Zavala’s situation is not simple. According to the journalist Rodrigo Gómez in Al Aire Libre en Cooperativa, the former Melipilla maintains his position and asked to leave Colo Colo. However, from the directive they also remain firm and, for the moment, they will not let him leave Macul.

Now, we will have to wait what happens with the possible “tug of war” that comes between the parties. Let’s remember that Colo Colo acquired 50% of the player’s passwhile the other 50% is shared equally between Coquimbo Unido and Melipilla.

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