He wants to be champion with Colo Colo! Vicente Pizarro forgets about the parties and spends the 18th training with his personal coach

The midfielder of the Cacique trained with his personal physical trainer focused on his great goal, to be a champion with the club of his loves.

Pizarro does not rest.
© instagram.com/guilleasalazarPizarro does not rest.

Vicente Pizarro has become one of the main figures of the second semester in Colo Colo. Despite not adding a large number of minutes during the first part of the year, after Cesar Fuentes’ injury, he earned a place in the team and today he is an immovable piece for Gustavo Quinteros.

Pizarro wears the Cacique shirt on his skin, he arrived at the Monumental very young, following in the footsteps of his father, Jaime Pizarro, champion of the Copa Libertadores with the popular cast. However, El Vicho has never rested on his last name and has always shown on the court that he wants to build his own history.

Despite the great moment that the midfielder is experiencing, he is very focused on his next challenges, where he hopes to fulfill the dream of being a champion with the club that formed him. Although, the albos will not see action until next October 2, when they face Universidad Católica in the Monumental, rest is not in the head of the soccer player, who had a hard training in full national holidays.

This was reflected in the stories shared by his personal physical trainer, Franco Barraza, where Vicente Pizarro was seen doing uphill speed work and jumping exercises, reaching 1.05 meters in height, generating the admiration of his coach.

It is not the first time that the young white midfielder draws attention for his professionalism. A few days ago, Maximiliano Falcón highlighted how the midfielder never lowered his arms despite often not being considered in the team.

“Vicente Pizarro makes me happy. When I arrived I went with Gabi Costa to train and he went with us, he did not have a car or a license, we told him that he should continue training. He spent many games going to concentrate and was left out, but he stayed calm, he was professional. I’m glad, he’s a good player and he’s very humble, he always listened to what we said and served him well. He makes me very happy, ”said Wig.

Pizarro will return to training this Tuesday, focused on his great goal of the season, to be champion with Colo Colo.

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