He was 12 years old and died after receiving a bullet in a meeting with friends

Monday, September 19, 2022 | 5:30 a.m.

Yesterday morning, a sudden call for help coming from the backyard of his house alerted a neighbor from the Nuevo neighborhood, in Jardín América, who, when going out to see what was happening, came across the lifeless body of a 12-year-old boy with a bullet wound to the left side of the chest. What he did not imagine is that hours later he would find out that due to the death of the little boy, his own 19-year-old brother, who until the closing of this edition was intensely wanted by Police officers, is accused of being the alleged perpetrator of the fatal shot. of Missions.

The victim was identified by investigators as Darío Natanael Morgenstern (12), who lived with his mother and a brother in the San Martín neighborhood of the aforementioned town.

Nata was the youngest of four siblings. Photo: Nicholas Arce

Regarding the data that this morning was able to know in relation to the circumstances of the event, it is known that Nata, as he was known among his family, had asked his mother for permission on Saturday night to go out with one of his cousins.

Several young people and adolescents known to the victim would have participated in said meeting.

The reconstruction made by the Police indicates that the young people remained for much of the morning in a square in the Nuevo neighborhood until at a certain moment they moved to the house where the tragic event is believed to have occurred, located on Las Flores street, almost Bella Vista. .

In that building, around 7:30, Juan Ramón R. was also present, a 19-year-old young man known as Koki, who is the brother of the owner of the house and who apparently, at one point during the evening, took out a firearm and He began to manipulate her in front of the other boys.

In this context, and due to circumstances that are currently being established, Koki would have fired a shot that hit Nathanael in the chest, who fell to the ground.

It is here that everyone present, scared by the situation, ran out. Marcelo Javier R. intervened there, who got out of his bed upon hearing the desperate request for help from the wounded man, but who could do nothing to prevent Nata’s death.

Minutes later, experts from the Criminalistics Division of the XI Regional Unit intervened at the scene, who began with the rigorous investigations in the area with different testimonials.

One of the first interviewees was Marcelo Javier, who recounted what had happened and maintained that his brother Koki, who currently lives at kilometer 11 of Eldorado and was visiting his house, had left the house and did not know about his whereabouts.

It was also revealed by police sources that the defendant has a history of weapon abuse and that apparently some time ago he had had an event of similar characteristics with handling of a firearm in which another adolescent was injured, although fortunately he was not seriously injured.

By decision of the Court of Instruction Two of Jardín América, in charge of Judge Roberto Sena, the body was transferred to the Judicial Morgue of Posadas for an autopsy.

Meanwhile, the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the shot was ordered, who until last night was still being sought by investigators.

family pain

With a visible tremor in her body and voice, still in shock at the loss of her youngest son, Elvira Espínola spoke with this morning about what happened with Nata.

Almost at the same time yesterday, he received the support and accompaniment of many relatives and friends who came to his house at such a difficult time.

“I still haven’t fallen into it. We found out because my niece came to tell me today (yesterday) in the morning, around 9:50 a.m., “said the woman, who narrated that she lived with Nata and another 15-year-old son for 24 years in the neighborhood. San Martin.

According to the woman visibly affected by the situation, Nata had asked her to go out with her cousin. She, although she added that she totally does not know where she went next and with whom she spent the morning.

“Like any 12-year-old boy, he was restless, but not bad. There in the neighborhood (Barrio Nuevo) we lived and when the pandemic started we came back here and he dropped out of school in fourth grade, ”added the woman.

Another not insignificant detail for the case that Elvira mentioned was a conversation she had yesterday with the owner of the house where the event occurred.

“I spoke with the boy’s brother and he told me that his relative was the one who had shot him and that he had fled. That’s just what he told me, ”he commented.

She also clarified that she did not know this family, beyond the fact that she rented in that neighborhood for a while. Finally, Elvira said: “I feel protected because I have friends who accompany me. I left as soon as I found out about it and so far I haven’t fallen. I have two other children who are traveling here and who live in Pinamar.”

For his part, Samuel Espínola, the victim’s cousin and who together with other relatives yesterday accompanied Elvira in such a difficult moment, also spoke about what happened. He commented that “this guy (because of Koki) has already had things like this happen several times. He had already thrown at a teammate who grazed his rib.”

And when asked how he remembered his cousin, Nata said that he was always a very funny boy. “We always told him to leave his cell phone because he was playing games all the time,” the relative recalled sadly.

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