He was born premature and fights for his life at the Children’s Hospital: his family needs everyone’s help

Ricardo Stefano Osiel is a baby who was born with only 30 weeks of gestation and is fighting for his life. He has been in the Children’s Hospital for more than forty days to get ahead and now he and his family need help.

The boy was born in La Plata but his parents came from Venezuela, so they do not have the support of their loved ones. In addition to Ricardo, there are other children in the family who need to eat and, due to this health situation, his mother Stefany had to stop working.

Being premature, the baby is fed through a tube and doctors must constantly regulate its temperature. Ever since he came into the world, Ricardito hasn’t stopped fighting and his family hasn’t lowered their arms so that one day they can all get home together.

A path with obstacles

The birth was not easy and the doctors had to revive him. The next day, he suffered two cardiac arrests and remained intubated for long days, with difficulty in his lungs and kidneys. Shortly after, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, which compromised all of his organs, but little by little he comes out ahead.

“He could have had cerebral palsy, among other things, and he didn’t,” said his mother Stefany hopefully. “My son is a warrior. He currently has spasms in his legs, tics in his eyes and mouth, small tremors in his arms and weak reflexes on the right side, ”she detailed.


On this path, many factors come together so that Ricardo can go home with his parents and siblings. Meanwhile, the family asks for help in order to have a safe space for him.

Those who want or have the possibility can collaborate with a baby stroller, a crib, warm clothing for children, sheets for the containment nest and any element to maintain the body temperature of minors.

The ways to donate are through their social networks (https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ccu2vf7F_nb/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= ) or CBU 0720568288000036090372 alias Mari.Rodri.Mar.Ric (Santander Río) in the name of Stephany Carolina Lozano Medina.

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