He was driving drunk, crashed into a flowerbed and was found asleep on top of the car

An unusual episode was recorded this Thursday morning in Ensenada that could well have ended in a tragedy. According to police sources reported to 0221.com.ar, a drunk motorist lost control of his Ford Fiesta when he was driving through Cestino between La Merced and Aristóbulo del Valle, and ended up on the sidewalk.

According to the spokesmen, the event occurred around 6 o’clock and it was the residents of the block who gave 911 notice. Quickly, local police officers came to the scene and they found that the 34-year-old driver was asleep inside the vehicle.

“After several calls, they were able to wake him up, noticing that he had strong alcoholic breath”, they explained to this medium. The vehicle had gone up to a flowerbed, located on the sidewalk, and thrown a basket for the garbage. Fortunately, there were no wounded people to regret, not even the man.

After identifying it and verifying that I did not have the regulatory papers, the authorities decided to transfer him to the First Police Station, where he was delayed for “Violation of Law 24,449”. Meanwhile, the UFI in turn endorsed the procedure and issued directives in this regard.

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