He was speeding with overlapping license plates.

He was speeding with overlapping license plates.

Ciudad Juárez— A man was arrested after traveling in a vehicle with superimposed license plates, the Municipal Public Security Secretariat reported in an official statement.

Agents of the Secretariat detained 29-year-old Luis Arturo GH, who was driving a white 2011 Volkswagen Jetta at excessive speed, at the intersection of Venezuela and David Herrera Jordán streets, in the Hidalgo neighborhood.

After the arrest, the officers consulted the vehicle series in the Juárez Platform System, for which they realized that the license plates did not correspond to said vehicle, the statement said.

For this reason, Luis Arturo GH, 29, was brought before the corresponding authority to determine his alleged responsibility in the commission of the crime of improper use of documents.

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