He will spend more than 35 years in prison for femicide and rape

He will spend more than 35 years in prison for femicide and rape

Parral, Chih.- Agents of the Public Ministry of the Prosecutor’s Office specialized in Attention to Women Victims of Crime for Gender Reasons and to the Family, obtained a conviction of 35 years and seven months in prison against Joel PC for the crimes of femicide and aggravated rape.

In criminal case 26/2022, this social representation demonstrated before a Prosecution Judge of the Hidalgo Judicial District that at dawn on Monday, April 4, in the Community of Remojachi de La Joya, in the municipality of Guachochi, the now sentenced man assaulted the victim physically and sexually, and then cause death.

The expert analyzes and necro-surgery performed at the Forensic Medical Service on the victim, who was 18 years old and belonged to the Rarámuri ethnic group, established that the cause of death was suffocation by strangulation.

Through an uninterrupted investigation, he was captured by elements of the State Investigation Agency, still within the legal term of flagrante delicto, while agents of the Public Ministry provided sufficient evidence so that at the end of the oral trial he was declared criminally responsible and sentenced.

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