Head of divisions and how difficult it is to work in a pandemic

It is striking that boys like Vicente Pizarro, Joan Cruz or Luciano Arriagada, are with a physical conditioning and special strength to play in the First Division with Colo Colo.

But behind this there is an answer and it is simple: the pandemic. This is how Ariel Paolorossi, head of the lower divisions of the Cacique, explained to us, who was in Semillero Albo de DaleAlbo.

When asked about these special training sessions by players like Vicente Pizarro, the answer was clear. “The pandemic affected a lot, especially in those players. We attach great importance to strength, I have given it a lot of importance since I arrived here. The pandemic arrived and everything went away, then we continued training by zoom and everyone helps in what they can. Some did weights with a jerrycan of water or a backpack. That affects “, he detailed.

Just Vicente or Joan were paralyzed for several months at home doing work through zoom, something that is not at all ideal for the training work of a footballer.

Vicente Pizarro, one of the youth with special training

“There were guys who trained a lot of time within a department. So it’s not easy, they lost a lot of things, but hey, aerobics, coordination, it’s complicated. When the boys go to the first team, there they have more tools than young football. A reduced with youth is not the same as with professionals. We are now trying to level everything and target the younger footballers “, sentenced.

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