Health distributed 169,200 vaccines against Covid-19 throughout the country

The Ministry of Health of the Nationheaded by Carla Vizzetti, distributed 169,200 vaccines against Covid-19 in different jurisdictions of the country. Doses are for adult and pediatric formulations of modern and of Pfizer.

According to Telamthe distribution of the vaccines took place within the framework of the Strategic Vaccination Plan against Sars-CoV-2. In this way, 79,200 vaccines were delivered from the laboratory modernof which 4,800 were pediatric formulations, and 90,000 doses of Pfizerof which 78,300 correspond to pediatrics.

In that sense, it was detailed that of the vaccines of modern, 2,400 were sent to Catamarca; 8,400 to Chaco; 7,200 to Corrientes; 3,600 to Formosa; 4,800 to Jujuy; 2,400 to La Rioja; 4,800 to Rio Negro; 7,200 to Salta; 2,400 to Santa Cruz; 24,000 to Santa Fe; 6,000 to Santiago del Estero; 1,200 to Tierra del Fuego and 4,800 pediatrics to the province of San Juan.

On the other hand, of the doses of Pfizer pediatric, 2,200 were sent to Catamarca; 7,500 to Chaco; 3,200 to Chubut; 6,600 to Corrientes; 3,900 to Formosa; 4,300 to Jujuy; 2,000 to La Rioja; 11,100 to Mendoza; 3,900 to Rio Negro; 4,700 to San Juan; 2,500 to St. Louis; 1,900 to Santa Cruz; 17,900 to Santa Fe; 5,700 to Santiago del Estero; 900 to Tierra del Fuego; 4,680 doses for adults to Chubut and 7,020 to Neuquén.

In this way, according to Public Vaccination Monitor, Argentina It has already distributed 122,221,712 doses, of which 117,138,712 were sent throughout the national territory and 5,083,000 were donated to other countries.

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